Red Hat Grille

A dining experience rooted in history.

Experience Red Hat Grille – Casino Apache’s all-new dining destination.

Red Hat Grille honors the first Mescalero Apache firefighters in the Southwest who have risked their lives to fight forest fires. The Mescalero Red Hats began courageously fighting wildfires in New Mexico and across the country in 1948. Many of the first Red Hats were also WWII veterans which explains their stern procedure and grace with firefighting. These brave souls took great pride in protecting their homeland. Their dedication earned them many trips across the country to fight other wild fires in the largest National Forests in America.

As you dine at Red Hat Grille, you’ll get to learn about the stories of our region’s fire warriors through our carefully curated décor. Come enjoy all your favorite dishes, including the Back Fire Chicken & Waffles, Crew Boss sandwich, Red Hat Apache Taco and more. We serve breakfast all day long. Plus, ask about our incredible desserts made fresh daily. It’s a great dining experience for the whole family.




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